Success is not only achievement.
For us, success is sharing the spirit and goals of the SDG camps and working with us to realise those goals, in whatever way you can. Now and in the future.
There are numerous ways to participate, including volunteering, sharing your ideas, becoming a mentor, or becoming one of our partners.
Many alumnis are still with us, creating changes everyday and that's what we consider success; that's what makes us proud of our work.
ikram Houilmi - Reporting/Public Information Associate at ‎UNHCR Tunisie - مكتب مفوضية الأمم المتحدة بتونس  -

Ikram Houilmi

Ikram Houilmi, Alumna 2018

adel azouni - Geology Master - Activist for Human right - Finalist SDG Camp 2018 - SDG 16

Adel Azouni

Adel Azouni