legal rights , youth, Tunisian rights
In progress (2018)
Ben Arous

Talk rights

Talk rights is a project that aims to strengthen legal awareness within Tunisian society. It intends to sensitize the youth on their legal rights and obligations and to create a general atmosphere of justice.

Tozeur, Oasis , sustainable, youth ,  oasis trash,
In progress (2018)

Sustainable Oasis

Sustainable Oasis is an association that focuses on the valuation, reuse and the recycling of oasis' trash.

It intends to sensitize the farmers on the importance of the recycling process and to facilitate the collecting and the transportation of the trash from the oasis to the organic fertilizers factories. Sustainable Oasis also provides youth centered workshops on oasis related crafts.

STD, youth , awarness STD, mob app , Sexually transmitted diseases
In progress (2018)

Awareness plus

Awareness plus is an application that aims to sensitize youth on STD (Sexually transmitted diseases).

It offers guidance to the affected individuals throughout their day to day lives starting from the moment of the diagnosis.

It pinpoints the specialized centres and offers the possibility for users to share their experiences openly yet discretely through an online forum.

smart poubelle, Mohamed Boussaïdi
In progress (2018)

Smart poubelle

Smart poubelle is a trash can that collects plastic for recycling. When the weight reaches 5kg, the can starts to generate free wifi. With each additional 2kg, a new access point in the same street would be open for public until the entire neighbourhood benefits from the service. The can is equipped with a big container and a screen for animation and for the diffusion of sponsored advertisements.

Mbarki Mohamed Islam  , young leadership
In progress (2018)

The young leaders' Academy

The young leaders' Academy is a training facility for youth involved in public affairs. It aims to enable them to claim their place within the decision-making process.

Oumayma Affes , healthcare,
In progress (2021)

In shape

In shape aims to solve healthcare ignorance in Tunisia and to provide psychologic support for the users of my website.
A website for the Tunisian community of internet users and an application series for fitness, health care and tips for nutrition.
This website will give birth to health clubs in all Tunisia within 3 years.